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Terms & Conditions

Support Terms

CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER has to send all Software Service Request via Our Online Ticket System or Email to : support@geosysitsolutions.co.in for proper service management.
• Service Support Nos: (9:30am – 5:30pm) in all working days. We are working 5 Days in a week (Monday – Friday)
    Mob : 80890 10059 / 80890 20059 / 80890 30059 / 80890 40059 / 80890 50059
• Any Service Complaint Pls Free to Contact :+91 9645 200059 (admin@geosysitsolutions.co.in)
• Please sign & seal all official documents like Project Installation Certificate, Proposed Module Confirmation, Training Acknowledgement, Module/Project Sign-Off etc.. Up to your satisfaction level. And send it via email.

Online Ticket Submission
• Visit our official Company Website www.geosysitsolutions.com
• Click the floated button – Ticket (Red Colored)
• Register Your Self by your Reg. email ID and Reg. Mobile No
• Set your Password.
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Terms and Conditions

1. The Purchase / Subscription Order should be released to M/s Geosys IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA.
2. Proposal and Terms & Conditions may be accepted by the Customer by way of official email or Printed Purchase Order.
3. A Proposal supplied by Geosys to the Customer will be applicable to that Customer only and is not transferable.
4. The Service will be on SAAS (Software as a Service) Model.
5. Web/Mobile Application(s) served by Geosys will be Hosted/Implemented only in Geosys’s own or preferred Hosting Server Space and it will not be hosted in any other/CLIENT/SUBSCRIBER’s Server Space.
6. The Implementation phase will start only on the following requirements being in place:
        o All Hardware or related accessories should be ready as mutually agreed upon.
        o All Data Requirements in the format/template as provided or informed by Geosys should be ready.
        o All the user list (department wise) who should get application training to be informed via email
7. The Subscription cost of the application depends upon the modules/requirements. The Rate quoted is based on the above mentioned Modules/Requirements
8. The Application is designed & Developed in open source language (PHP & MySQL)
9. Any Changes or Updations or Modifications required in the Subscribed Web Application should be intimated in writing only and will be charged extra accordingly (INR: 750/- or USD : 25 $ per man hour onwards). All modification(s) done based on scheduled company procedure will be free of cost.
10. The Cost of the Software quoted for herein is exclusive of all taxes and duties as applicable (if any).
11. The Cost of Web Server Space will be charged per year extra, if CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER are uploading old manual case-sheets in a form of Images in our Application.
12. It’s a Web Based Application; So No onsite support required and will be provided.
13. All Training & Service Support will be provided only via online.
14. The data entry into the software package will be the responsibility of the CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER . The User Committee should also come up with a schedule for data entry from the installation date of each module along with the installation certificate.
15. Geosys will not be responsible for delay in the implementation due to the delay in the data entry or for any other reasons beyond its control.
16. Geosys will provide you the Software/application for Product Validation for 7 days from the date of Installation/Activation. If CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER’ are unsatisfied during this period, we will refund without interest. Else amount paid to us will not be refundable in any circumstance.
17. The Customer/CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER has no right to cancel or change the order once placed. If it occurs the amount paid us will not be refundable in any circumstance.
18. The Customer/CLIENT/SUBSCRIBER has to pay the said amount in the invoice issued by Geosys as per the payment terms within 7 Days from the date of Invoice else Geosys, at its sole discretion, may suspend all the service or cancel the order/ contract without any notification If it occurs the amount paid us will not be refundable in any circumstance.
19. The software prepared by Geosys is the sole property of the Geosys and cannot be reproduced or installed on any other machine without the written permission from Geosys. If that happens, all the warranty and services will be terminated. And legal steps might be taken under the copyright act.
20. Copyright laws protect the software product. Therefore, you must treat the software product like any other copyrighted material. Additional copy / Installation of the software is bound by license terms.
21. The software Sign-off will be done once the implementation and training phases are completed.
22. Every effort will be made by Geosys to minimize the response time for service call, however Geosys cannot be held responsible for any loss to the customer due to the delay in service
23. This techno-commercial proposal is only for the modules mentioned in the proposal and any additional modules will be taken up as a new project.
24. No oral terms & conditions is exist or applicable between us.
25. For training purpose all official discussions / communications regarding project between CLIENT / SUBSCRIBER & Geosys will be recorded via Sound Recorder/IVR.
26. The Geosys will not be responsible for any problems occurred / Data Loss due to your computer system/Hardware/Misuse/Wrong Entry by your Staff(s).
27. Geosys will not provide any guaranty for any hardware. Any damage to the customer’s hardware will not come under Geosys guaranty or warranty terms.
28. Geosys will not be liable to the customer for any loss of business, profit, revenue or goodwill, anticipated saving, use or contract or for any indirect or consequential loss however it arises
29. Geosys will not provide the facility to convert data from one format to another format and no responsibility will be taken by Geosys for any kind of data transfer, in case of software provided.
30. All Payments shall be made by (BANK TRANSFER / NEFT/RTGS) in favour of ‘Geosys IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Trivandrum’.
31. All Proprietary rights of the Product(s) shall remain only with Geosys IT Solutions Pvt Ltd and at no point of time shall the same be construed to be transferred or assigned to you or your company.
32. Disputes, if any shall be resolved by mutual consultation. However any Legal disputes will be bound by the Trivandrum jurisdiction.
33. Force Majeure: Geosys shall not be liable or deemed to be in default of any delay or failure in performance stated hereunder resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond its reasonable control, such as floods, fire, riots or any other act whatsoever that can be attributed as act of God.
34. We recommend always communicate via Our Online Ticket System or email (support@geosysitsolutions.co.in) regarding software (Discussions, Development, Installation, Training, Modifications, Error/Bugs reporting, Service or any clarifications) for better Service & Support.
35. The validity of this quotation/offer is for Thirty days from the date of issue.
We assure you our best Service and full co-operation. [Help us to help you better]

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